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      How can Asset Management Firms & RIA’s use OpsCheck?

      OpsCheck is an extremely flexible workflow and task management system. It can be easily
      customized to fit and adapt to any type of financial firm around the globe.

      Future operational technology

      We bring proven advances in task, document, project, and workflow management to you in a single tool.

      Deep operational visibility

      Clear and detailed access to your ecosystem that will meet the needs of any C-level executive, client, or regulator.

      Thorough operational control

      Easily create and control access, coordinate teams, and manage short and long term objectives.

      An application for Asset Management Firms & RIA’s

      OpsCheck was designed to enable management to have full control and oversight of operations.
      workflow management system software - Opscheck
      • Centralized task management workflow and oversight
      • Powerful visual reporting and notifications
      • Adapts to any type of business of any size
      • Easy collaboration, communication, and document storage
      • Greatly improve team efficiency and accountability
      • Coordinate across teams, offices, and timezones
      • Flexible integration with third party applications
      • Centralized communication hub for the entire firm
      • Provide transparency to regulators and clients

      Built for Asset Management Firms & RIA’s

      As portfolio managers and traders execute investment decisions, the amount of work and responsibility for all non-investment functions is very challenging. Whether you perform these functions internally or outsource them, the responsibility to accurately perform these jobs remains with the firm. These jobs include middle and back-office operations, valuations, performance measurement, management company and fund accounting, client service, reporting, treasury, compliance, and all other functions to manage business operations. Mitigating operational risk and preventing operational failures are paramount. OpsCheck elevates your level of control and oversight for any of or all these functions.
      Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector

      Digital Transformation in the Financial Sector

      Success and change in the financial industry have always been driven by three major forces: client demands, business competition, and innovation. With the advent of the internet, these pressures increased dramatically with clients and customers demanding fast quality services, regulators and auditors expanding asset managers’ obligations, and nimble start-up challengers like online banking and other financial service providers making inroads into the mobile markets.

      OpsCheck Spotlights Covid Needs: Data Security (6/6)

      OpsCheck Spotlights Covid Needs: Data Security (6/6)

      With the move to remote working environments due to COVID 19, automated data systems as well as communications platforms have become critical tools for the continued functioning of asset management firms.
      As part of the firm’s security measures, regular reviews and testing of technology systems should be incorporated. OpsCheck can support staff coordinate these efforts by tracking who or what is accessing software, files, and third-party vendors. Increased remote access to systems also leads to increased opportunity for unauthorized personnel and even malicious hackers to gain access to sensitive information or, worse, client accounts themselves.

      How to Scale Your Consulting Business?

      How to Scale Your Consulting Business?

      Business growth can take on many different metrics that contribute to the success of a business. You may want to increase your client base, sell more products or services, innovate new products, or simply make more revenue. Your metrics for success can also mean different things, almost always in relation to hitting goals or achieving your mission.

      Frequently asked questions
      Does OpsCheck have different levels of user access?
      Yes, OpsCheck contains “user roles” that can be configured for each individual in the firm. This customization gives users access to what they need to see, and filters out features and data that they do not need.
      Is my firm’s activity in OpsCheck auditable?

      OpsCheck contains a full and exportable audit trail with robust filtering to retrieve and verify the status of any task and track all changes. OpsCheck was built with the integrity of data being paramount.

      Can I access OpsCheck from my mobile devices?
      Yes. OpsCheck has a mobile friendly website on the go.
      Does OpsCheck support two factor authorization and/or SAML login?
      Yes, OpsCheck supports both.
      Does OpsCheck integrate with third party apps?
      Yes. OpsCheck has built an API for Firms to customize app interaction. Please contact us regarding and questions regarding API.
      Will my data be safe?
      OpsCheck is compliant with all major security standards, and has scored exceptionally in security audits.
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