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OpsCheck has helped crypto-fintech company Quoine improve customer support, operations, and compliance. The solution has also made Head of Customer Support Jason Gunn’s job much easier. 

Gunn uses OpsCheck to assign and share tasks with the Japan-based firm’s 25 professionals, check on their progress, and manage workflows as they oversee their cryptocurrency exchange. “I don’t need to rush around and check spreadsheets and check email threads,” said Gunn. “I can just go to OpsCheck and see what the team has been doing. From a management and process-handling understanding of where things are at, it’s very, very helpful.”  

For example, Gunn and other executives now have a more streamlined corporate onboarding experience. When they want to sign up a new client for their services, Quoine and the new client need to follow as many as 10 different steps, a time-consuming manual process. Before OpsCheck, teams had to remember these steps and the necessary order for their completion. It was easy to miss steps. If one person failed to complete a step, the whole process might grind to a halt. 

With OpsCheck, Gunn can create entirely new processes that his team can easily follow, from step one to step 10. OpsCheck can also set tasks in the correct order, locking and unlocking tasks so that one is dependent on another to be completed. Nobody can jump ahead unless they are following the correct sequence. 

“Before we used OpsCheck, we had one person do our corporate onboarding. And that was mainly just because it was easier to have one person focus on that task,” said Gunn. “Now I’ve been able to add an additional three people to that task because it’s so much easier to train and manage them. We’re using a proper workflow management tool.” 

That strict order also provides an ideal record for auditing and compliance. Firms have their workflows in their possession, at their fingertips. 

Gunn mostly uses OpsCheck to monitor and manage shift and team leads as well as stay on top of his own work during the day. His dashboard is full of operations and processes that entail multiple steps that must be taken in a specific order. The software has increased his efficiency and reduced the time he’s spent following up with his team. “It helps just overall manage how everybody is performing and ensure things don’t get missed,” he said. 

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