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      Time-saving Control, Oversight & Compliance

      For Due Diligence & Compliance Firms, Consulting Firms, Outsourced COO/CFOs and more.

      Need a 360° View of Operations to Mitigate Risk & Boost Productivity?

      With OpsCheck, gain full process transparency for you/your clients and maintain an audit trail with centralized project oversight and robust filtering tools to easily retrieve & verify the status of any task or project.


      Full 360° transparency

      Our workflow technology offers full transparency for operations & compliance efforts. All-in-one management of tasks and workflows supports any operational objective including for audit trails.


      Deep operational visibility

      Fulfill the needs of the C-suite, regulators and clients with auditable workflow. A visible company ecosystem clearly displays processes and well-ordered operations for peak efficiency.

      Manage everything in one place

      Mitigate risk by setting and fully controlling access from the cloud. Oversight of day-to-day operations along with short- and long-term goal management greatly increases productivity.

      A powerful tool for Consulting Firms, Outsourced COO/CFOs, Due Diligence & Compliance:

      OpsCheck mitigates risk, enhances communication, offers complete transparency for regulatory compliance, and maintains accountability team- and organization-wide.
      workflow management system software - Opscheck
      • Auditable workflow management and operational supervision
      • Strong visual reporting and notifications suited to compliance-specific needs
      • Effortless collaboration, communication, and cloud-based document storage
      • Provides an auditable workflow and full transparency for clients, C-suite and regulators
      • Enhanced team efficiency and accountability
      • Effectively synchronize operations across teams, offices, and timezones
      • Seamless integration with CMR and other third-party applications
      • Central communications hub for the entire firm
      • Customizable for organizations of any size and type

      Built to Make Your Firm’s Oversight and Compliance Efforts Easier

      Investment firms and financial services firms continue to increase outsourcing to various consulting firms and other service providers. Whether the intention is to reduce costs, increase efficiency, hire experts, reduce risk or to focus on their core business, the competition is fierce. These services may include accounting, trade support, middle office, due diligence, regulatory & compliance, tax, technology, new launches or customized projects. OpsCheck has various features to help you track, organize and ensure that every job is being completed as scheduled. OpsCheck also offers full transparency for these service providers’ clients if desired, detailed metrics, as well as robust filtering tools to easily retrieve & verify the status of any task or project.
      A Solid Compliance System Mitigates Risk

      A Solid Compliance System Mitigates Risk

      Does your company have an integrated compliance system in place? In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, compliance management is essential for ongoing success.
      Compliance is a multi-faceted issue, depending on the industry but most businesses exist under the watchful eye of a regulatory body. Nowhere is this more apparent than the financial services sector where every firm needs a compliance management system interwoven throughout the company.

      All About Audit Trails: What You Need to Know

      All About Audit Trails: What You Need to Know

      Did you know that well-maintained audit trails indicate a high standard of operational oversight?
      From the IT staff to top management, effective audit trails call for a company-wide dedication to excellence.
      With the shift away from manual logs to digital automation, we can access audit trails that are easily accessible, precise, and useful. As a result, firms are better able to dodge threats and red-flag potential hazards.
      When your company needs answers, a meticulous, clearly-defined audit trail will provide the evidence to untangle the issues.

      OpsCheck Spotlights Covid Needs: Fees, Costs, Financial Transactions (3/6)

      OpsCheck Spotlights Covid Needs: Fees, Costs, Financial Transactions (3/6)

      Due to the volatility of the markets caused by the COVID-19 crisis and increased frequency of losses for one reason or another, the SEC will likely bring more attention to transparency requirements. Service costs and management fees, firm compensation, and key personnel actions should all be monitored for conflicts of interest in the current environment.
      Specifically, OpsCheck can memorialize compliance procedures to give heightened attention to actions by the firm and staff that may involve asset transfers into products and services that the firm has a direct involvement in soliciting or borrowing or taking loans from investors.

      Frequently asked questions
      Does OpsCheck have different levels of user access?
      Yes, OpsCheck contains “user roles” that can be configured for each individual in the firm. This customization gives users access to what they need to see, and filters out features and data that they do not need.
      Is my firm’s activity in OpsCheck auditable?

      OpsCheck contains a full and exportable audit trail with robust filtering to retrieve and verify the status of any task and track all changes. OpsCheck was built with the integrity of data being paramount.

      Can I access OpsCheck from my mobile devices?
      Yes. OpsCheck has a mobile friendly website on the go.
      Does OpsCheck support two factor authorization and/or SAML login?
      Yes, OpsCheck supports both.
      Does OpsCheck integrate with third party apps?
      Yes. OpsCheck has built an API for Firms to customize app interaction. Please contact us regarding and questions regarding API.
      Will my data be safe?
      OpsCheck is compliant with all major security standards, and has scored exceptionally in security audits.
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