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I’m Frank Caccio, the founder of OpsCheck. Early in my career, I was fortunate to work at Tiger Management. It was the premier hedge fund at the time. I had great mentors as well. They demonstrated integrity, leadership, and a great work ethic. That foundation and my passion for improving operations inspired me to create OpsCheck.

As I ran global operations at other major hedge funds, I realized how challenging it was to wrap your arms around every job, every person responsible, and every deadline. Operations managers needed an easier way to control and oversee processes and people to mitigate risk. I also wanted to transform operations managers to become more proactive rather than reactive, to help them anticipate problems and mitigate them before they happen – rather than reacting to fire drills.

So I created OpsCheck. Then someone gifted me a book called The Checklist Manifesto. OpsCheck is more than a checklist. But the book’s main theme was relatable. You see, author Atul Gawande emphasizes how checklists are critical in the medical, engineering, and aviation industries. The consequences of not following strict processes when you’re in the operating room or flying on a jet can be catastrophic. In the financial world, the consequences of operational failures and errors can also be extremely serious. They can cost jobs, money, and reputations, and draw regulatory scrutiny.

I was repeatedly seeing firms forced to close due to operational failures that better adherence to checklists could have prevented. The vision behind OpsCheck was to create a simple checklist-driven solution that delivered powerful results and helped firms thrive.

If you can ensure that every job gets done, every deadline is met, and make people accountable for the completion of their work, the benefits will be tremendous. You’ll quickly avoid costly errors, quickly resolve problems, and positively influence regulators, auditors, and prospective clients as they will recognize the command you have of your operations.

Bill Belichick, considered to be the greatest football coach ever, has used this mantra for years: If everyone does their job, the whole team will be successful. I want operations managers and their teams to be successful. I have a passion for this work because building and improving operations is what I’ve done my whole professional life.

Check out the testimonial videos on our website. You’ll hear how OpsCheck has approved operations for my clients around the globe. I would love an opportunity to hear from you whether you want to schedule a demo or simply learn more.

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