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In 2019, hedge fund asset manager East Lodge Capital wasn’t using any software as an operational management tool. Then the pandemic happened. Now leaders at the London-based firm overseeing more than $ 1 billion use OpsCheck “religiously,” said Chief Operating Officer Jason Etherington. 

During the pandemic, East Lodge Capital’s teams worked from home. Without an online management tool, executives couldn’t track tasks, who should be doing them, when they were completed or not, and other oversight. The firm’s 26 employees were used to exchanging this information in person, on a day-to-day basis. 

As East Lodge Capital increasingly saw the limitations of the ad hoc processes that they used to schedule virtual meetings and work remotely during lockdowns, they tried OpsCheck. Etherington first deployed the solution in his department. It quickly spread to others. Now the firm’s leadership uses OpsCheck to track monthly, daily, and weekly tasks and responsibilities. 

“It’s enabled me as a manager to sit above and have a look and make sure that we are delivering against commitments in a timely manner,” said Etherington, who said he has saved time on managing and can now focus more on other work. “I’m able to just suddenly flick to it and have a look and make sure that everything has been updated and make sure everything has been done.” 

OpsCheck is a one-stop shop where managers can check on imminent deadlines and the progress of the workflows that must be completed to meet them, vital tools for leaders who must apportion their resources every day to deal with pressing responsibilities. The solution is flexible, too. East Lodge Capital easily introduced new processes in their tailored OpsCheck platform, like when they stopped using LIBOR, for example, in new business. 

In tracking everyone’s tasks, OpsCheck also creates a record that is ideal for business continuity. If anyone couldn’t work, the team can see what was on their agenda. 

East Lodge Capital doesn’t even use all of OpsCheck’s features, but Etherington expects to use more in the future. The onboarding and OpsCheck’s manuals have made it easy to use the system and learn more applications over time. Working with OpsCheck representatives on deployment and periodic questions has been easy, too. 

“There’s never been a software issue,” said Etherington. “I recommend OpsCheck.”

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