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As the Chief Financial Officer of an alternative investment firm that has been in the industry for more than 20 years, Cyrus Borzooyeh used to manage tasks and follow-up reminders with Excel, Outlook, and other software. Then he found OpsCheck.  

Borzooyeh’s previous task manager software was clunky and required too much manual work. Rather than automatically coordinating tasks between team members, he would need to remember to send reminders and follow-ups to colleagues to get things done. 

With OpsCheck, it’s easy to set timetables for reminders and follow-ups with clients, partners, colleagues, and employees. Today, the CFO uses OpsCheck to ensure that investment analysts send the information necessary, on time, to make valuations for direct private investments. 

“OpsCheck automatically sends emails to folks to remind them that a task is still open – so please, you know, get it done,” said Borzooyeh, who has deployed OpsCheck for more than seven years. 

OpsCheck is a “set it and forget it” workflow management software. Users list recurring tasks that need to get done, who needs to do them and when, who is performing the task, who is overseeing it, and whatever details are necessary for their financial business. It automatically notifies important decision-makers when teams miss deadlines, too. 

Scheduling is also flexible. Daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks, prompts, and notices can be set up with parameters that make it easy. Reports for investors, portfolio managers, taxes, and compliance can be automatically scheduled to meet deadlines. 

“Once that’s done, it’ll just go,” said Borzooyeh. 

OpsCheck is a cloud-based Saas technology. Borzooyeh’s firm doesn’t worry about software on their premises, upgrades, and other distractions, saving time. 

“A lot of people like to hire people to track things or else important work will slip through the cracks,” said Borzooyeh. “If you like to save time and money and make things easier, I recommend OpsCheck.”

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