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As we continue to adjust to self-isolating and reduced in-person work environments, many firms are exploring new ways of maintaining regular workflows while working remotely.

Financial organizations, in particular, do not have the ability to simply close shop for weeks at a time until this crisis passes. These firms perform a key function in the world’s economy that must continue, and the roles of all staff need dependable resources to accomplish their jobs while working remotely.

OpsCheck serves as an operations and compliance platform that addresses the needs of every department within any asset management or financial services firm. With its versatile task, project, and workflow tools, companies can create an environment that is as granular as deemed necessary. Within that framework, individuals can tailor their own workflows even more.



OpsCheck Provides Fast Implementation for Remote Working

Initial implementation of OpsCheck can be accomplished in mere hours – it’s that user-friendly. Still, its built-in, high-level security protocols will protect confidential information as robustly as any other in-house application. Executive management and department heads can dictate the permissions and access rules for every individual to ensure the right people are accessing the right data.

Managers and supervisors can build-out the necessary areas of responsibility at their own pace without the need to fully transition of the entire firm all at once. For many companies, the operations and investment teams need first priority, which is understandable.

These team have particular daily – even hourly – task-tracking needs that demand constant attention. By pulling workflows into a single platform accessible to all employees along the investment chain, everyone can track task performance.

To further elaborate, these are tasks such as execution orders, confirmations, reconciliations, compliance checks, and risk control. The appropriate users in the required chain of events are notified when a task has been performed, a successful execution has occurred, risk controls have been followed, or a compliance issue has been resolved.

Once OpsCheck is set up, staff can work remotely by logging into the application from anywhere. Access is completely secure for everyone. Staff dedicated to continuous implementation of OpsCheck into their firm’s departments can even continue to do so from remote locations as well.



Keep Documentation Flowing for Remote Work

Beyond the operations and investment teams, other departments often rely on archival
documentation when executing their responsibilities. Client service, sales and marketing, for example, often need to access reports, presentations, and white papers as they continue to service clients and potential new accounts.

OpsCheck’s functionality allows for uploading archival files. Due to client’s ongoing desire for information, firms can also create personal, secure client access to account information for up-to-date notifications that does not expose inhouse proprietary information.

With minimal training, each department can design its own dashboard interface that will facilitate its specific needs, including integrating with other departments as necessary.



Embrace the Cloud for Remote Working

OpsCheck, of course, is cloud-based, meaning its software is hosted in a central, secure location and can be accessed from literally anywhere via an internet connection. By sourcing data in the cloud, firms can easily allow and tailor access for specific users.

Users may be inhouse, across floors in a building, and – crucially – in locations as distant as employee’s homes and even international offices across the globe. With this high level of accessibility, companies will find they can be nimble and responsive to any business continuity issues with immediate reaction time.

Remote working has been gaining more acceptance. As more firms deploy strategies that include at-home working environments, they will discover the value of the increased productivity that studies have shown can be realized by offering employees this level of flexibility. Whether used in-house or remotely, OpsCheck is the ideal solution to improving teamwork, collaboration, and operational confidence for management, staff, and clients.



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