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Hi. I’m Frank Caccio, founder of OpsCheck. If you’re considering adopting our solution, we know you’ll have thoughts and concerns. Let’s review some frequently asked questions.

Our teams are already busy, will OpsCheck add a lot of work to the day?

OpsCheck requires just a modest effort from any individual and takes very little time. In return, you receive a long list of benefits. 

How do teams feel about having managers watching teams’ work progress through the solution?

When it comes to people being concerned about Big Brother watching, any good employee will understand the big picture and not worry about being held accountable for their work. 

How long does it take to onboard and learn to use OpsCheck?

Onboarding is quick and easy. OpsCheck provides full support. Learning how to use OpsCheck is a breeze, especially once you start adding the specific tasks that the teams recognize and start using their internal jargon for lists and activities. The solution resonates very quickly. Take a look at the testimonial videos on our website to hear how clients support this claim.

How is my data in OpsCheck protected?

Of course, security is key. After spending 25 years in the hedge fund industry, we clearly understand the importance of data protection and privacy for our clients. OpsCheck uses Microsoft Azure for cloud services to store data. Client data in Azure is encrypted. We enforce two-factor authentication whenever accessing client data.

How does OpsCheck handle reassigning work and coordinating teams in different time zones?

In addition to assigning and reassigning work to individuals, you can assign work to a group or team of people. OpsCheck can then timestamp and distinguish who did the job and on what day and time. People working in various time zones and from home can easily synchronize their work efficiently since everyone is working with the same central repository of tasks.

How much support does OpsCheck supply? 

All OpsCheck subscriptions include full support, and we’re available to help with uploading any work, providing guidance, or additional training. However, for every function that an OpsCheck administrator performs, our clients have a corresponding user interface where they can do it themselves. So once our clients are trained, they typically manage themselves and mainly contact us either for additional demos of the solution for other parts of the firm or strategy questions. We also include a full audit trail for any functionality, so our clients have full transparency of their work.

Does OpsCheck interface with other applications?

Yes. OpsCheck has an API that gives clients the ability to connect with other applications. It’s designed to help with two main use cases, but can be used for others. One streamlines the process so that users are not required to sign off on completed work in more than one application. The other automatically creates a task and assigns it to a user if another application requires immediate attention. We also provide various ways to extract client data. Additionally, we have built an OpsCheck add-in right to Microsoft Outlook.

How much does OpsCheck cost?

We believe that OpsCheck is fairly priced and adds great value. With OpsCheck, we combine features from task, project, and workflow applications into one single tool so that you can avoid costly errors, quickly resolve problems, and positively influence either prospective clients, regulators, and/or auditors. Those features are in addition to the solution’s primary purpose, which is to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and make everyone accountable.

Check out the testimonial videos on our website from our clients around the globe. You’ll hear how OpsCheck has improved their operations. I would love an opportunity to hear from you whether you want to schedule a demo or simply learn more. Thanks

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