Protection from operational failures

Flexible project management & task tracking software that adapts to your workflow.

Imagine being able to track every task and document that your company works on

Risk Management

Oversight of team members, tasks and documents. Preventing failures and mitigating operational and key man risk

Individual Accountability

Assigns responsibilities, monitors execution and communicates the results to management

Communications Hub

Acts as a central hub for operational communication throughout a firms infrastructure

Document Management

Log every document worked on; connect policies, procedures and relevant notes to any job

Sync with Outside Applications

Use API to connect with apps, such as Advent Geneva, Salesforce and Eze Castle

Third Party Access

Provide access to third parties, such as service providers and clients, coordinate on any task or project

Centralize Information

Create a repository of jobs, projects and documents, with complete audit trail

Fully Customizable

Software that is quick to set up and adaptable to all firm sizes and types

Operations Oversight

Demonstrate superior oversight to regulators, auditors and investor

Trusted by firms around the world

We chose OpsCheck because it promotes individual accountability, mitigates operational risks, streamlines infrastructure oversight and further demonstrates industry best practices We believe the OpsCheck platform will have a positive impact on scalability and operational efficiency.

Director of Operations, KKR

OpsCheck has increased our operational oversight. We are excited by the additional functionality that the OpsCheck team has in development. We believe it is a tool that other fund managers can gain significant value from.

CFO, Tiger Management

Creates efficiencies around managing and reminding everyone of deadlines that makes running our business smoother at a reasonable cost.

CFO, Reservoir Capital Group

A great tool for keeping our team organized and ensuring everything keeps running on time.

Chief of Staff, AB Private Credit Investor, Alliance Bernstein

We have used our 20 years of hedge fund experience to develop a tool that helps operations professionals minimizes the chances of something going wrong, by ensuring a culture of operational excellence.

Frank Caccio, Managing Partner, OpsCheck
Formerly: Tiger Management, Highbridge Capital, Morgan Stanley

Delivering operational excellence